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What is a Self-Insured Plan?

When it comes to employee benefits, employers have a couple options. They may consider a self-insured plan. There are self-insured plans designed for different employer sizes. According to, a self-insured plan is defined as plans present in larger companies where the employer collects premiums from enrollees (employees) and takes on the responsibility of paying […]

RMSC Safety Sentinel – August 2014

August 2014 Safety Sentinel The Disaster Management Process Mitigation – Preparedness – Response – Recovery   Mitigation – Mitigating measures moderate or alleviate the impact of accepted risks. In some cases mitigation, in and of itself, can be enough to prevent a risk from developing into a disaster. It is thought to be the most cost-effective […]

Fleet Safety Newsletter – August 2014

Changing and Choosing a Lane Changing lanes includes: Changing from one lane to another Passing another vehicle Merging onto a roadway from an entrance ramp Entering the roadway from the curb or shoulder When changing lanes you must check for possible hazards or vehicles in the lane you want to enter. This means you must […]

The Importance of Arbitration Agreements in the Senior Living Industry

When new residents move into a nursing home or senior living facility, they must sign a resident agreement outlining the services the nursing home promises to deliver, and the amount the resident is required to pay. Procedurally, nursing homes will ask new residents to voluntarily sign an arbitration agreement upon admission, ideally a separate document. […]

A Look at the Affordable Care Act: Multi-State Plans on the Health Insurance Exchange

Each month Assured Neace Lukens will discuss a different aspect of the Affordable Care Act. Stay tuned for more updates on the second Thursday of each month. Click here for more Affordable Care Act blogs. As part of the health care reforms, the Affordable Care Act permits a multi-state plan program under the Exchanges for families or […]

ERISA Reporting & Disclosure

ERISA (Employee Retirement Income and Security Act) is the comprehensive federal law that regulates pensions, retirement plans and welfare employee benefits. Title I of ERISA applies to and imposes specific requirements on plan sponsors and administrators, many of which directly affect employers. Most employer and multiemployer sponsored health and welfare plans are covered under ERISA. […]

August 5, 2014 Compliance Observer Alert – IRS Increases Rates for “Affordable” Coverage

August 5, 2014 IRS Increases Rates for “Affordable” Coverage Beginning in 2015, applicable large employers are required, under the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”), to offer health care coverage to their full-time employees (and dependents). In order for an applicable large employer to avoid the “pay or play” penalties under the ACA, the coverage they offer […]

It’s Time for Sports Physicals

It’s that time of year where families are getting ready for the kids to go back to school. If your child is planning on participating in any sports team, it’s likely that they will need to have a physical before practice even begins. In fact, many schools require student athletes to have a physical each […]

Healthy Recipe of the Month: Farmers Market Quiche

Summer is a wonderful time of year when so many delicious vegetables are in season. And with the growth of local farmers markets, it has become even easier to enjoy a wonderful variety of incredibly delicious and nutritious farm fresh vegetables. However, for many of us, we’re left with the challenge of how to best […]

July 28, 2014 Compliance Observer Alert – IRS Releases Draft Forms for Reporting Employee Health Coverage

July 28, 2014 IRS Releases Draft Forms for Reporting Employee Health Coverage By: Caroline E. Smith, Esq., Corporate Compliance Officer, AssuredPartners, Inc. On July 24, 2014, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released draft versions of the forms that will be used by employers to report to the IRS information on health coverage offered to their […]

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