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Healthy Recipe: Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

As spring approaches, so does our desire for more fresh foods and salads that include all of the wonderful vegetables of the season!  This month’s recipe, from Hummussapien features a Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with fluffy and filling quinoa and a colorful, flavorful blend of delicious veggies including red pepper, parsley, tomato, cucumber and onion.  With this […]

Tips to Decrease and Manage Your Stress

Our bodies are built to release hormones when we perceive dangerous or uncomfortable situations.  This response is useful when put into fight or flight conditions, however when we cannot fight or take flight from our 21st century problems, this stress “cocktail” wreaks havoc on our bodies.  Hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline cause increased heart […]

Simple Ways to Save Series – Part 2 of 6: Multi-Vehicle Discount

Last week we introduced Part One of our Simple Ways to Save Series with a multi-policy discount.  This week we’re sharing a second way to save on your insurance – a multi-vehicle discount. A multi-vehicle discount is one of the most common ways to save on insurance.  By insuring two or more cars with the […]

Extended Business Income – The Forgotten Coverage Clause

In our prior blogs on Business Income, we talked about the simple formula of calculating what business income limit you need.  The formula is Net Income + Continuing Expenses + Extra Expense + Extended Business Income Amount = Business Income Limit.  This blog focuses on the last component of the equation: Extended Business Income. When […]

Wellness at Work: Staying Fit While You Travel

Getting organized for a business trip is hectic enough, but even if your itinerary is jam-packed, sticking with your fitness routine while on the road is easier than you think with the following helpful tips: Schedule a workout into your daily itinerary Try to exercise in the morning so you have your fitness session completed […]

Assured Neace Lukens Named a Top Ten Independent Insurance Agency

Assured Neace Lukens was named as one of the Top Ten Independent Insurance Agencies by Indiana Farmers Mutual Insurance Company. The Top Ten list was announced at the annual Cooper Club Luncheon, hosted by Indiana Farmers to recognize its best agents. Assured Neace Lukens has four Indiana locations that were included in this honor: Batesville, […]

Fleet Safety Newsletter – March 2015

City Traffic There is probably no greater challenge presented to all drivers than operating in city traffic without being involved in a preventable accident. Rush hour traffic, multiple lanes of traffic, tight parking, pedestrians, dangerous intersections and narrow streets are just a few of the many problems that must be dealt with. While city traffic […]

RMSC Safety Sentinel – March 2015

Safety Sentinel – March, 2015 Many employers are aware of the new injury reporting requirements from Federal OSHA that took effect January 1, 2015.  It is the agency’s implementation strategy which has recently drawn sharp criticism and unprecedented, perhaps unintended, legal ramifications.  In this month’s Safety Sentinel we will review the key recordkeeping changes; discuss […]

Anthem’s Data Breach is a Wakeup Call

In the days and weeks following the Anthem data breach many group health plan sponsors found themselves asking “What do I do now?”  The answer to this question depends on various factors but steps plan sponsors should consider taking after this or any future carrier or TPA breach include: Determine your HIPAA responsibilities and obligations […]

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