Legacy Claims

legacy claims_shutterstock_81364459Higher costs and a growing inventory of aging claims have required many organizations to increase their workers’ compensation reserves. In addition, workers’ compensation balance sheets are being scrutinized by auditors – making accuracy more critical than ever.

AssuredPartners NL understands that when your time and money are tied up managing old claims, current losses accumulate. We can help you implement aggressive claims closure strategies to ensure that your resources are being used most effectively.

Our results-driven approach is based on clear objectives and business metrics for real financial impact. With AssuredPartners NL, you can:

  • Receive accurate reserving of the claims inventory
  • Obtain accurate collateral analysis
  • Reduce outstanding collateral
  • Free up internal resources to focus on current losses
  • Reduce claims administration fees related to legacy losses
  • Pursue a loss portfolio transfer to remove outstanding liabilities from balance sheets